Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week 58: Cortarme el Cabello!

Buenos Dias familia,

This week was good, it wasn't the best week, but it was alright. We were able to find some good new investigators and Gabriel is progressing a ton, so that is always good. We didn't have many investigators show up to church in the district but it is looking like were going to have a successful week this week, so were excited about that. 

So like I said, Gabriel is progressing like crazy! I was on a work visit with Elder Buckner, one of my zone leaders, and we went to visit Gabriel and he had been reading the Book of Mormon like a crazy man so we made a deal with him that if he finishes the Book of Mormon by November 30 and we don't, he gets to cut our hair..not too short, but a hair cut is a hair we will see how that goes. 

Also, I've had a spiritual impression this week that we should never stop to think to act on something that the Spirit tells us to do because it will be for our eternal progress and salvation. It doesn't matter how small the impression is or how soft it is said, we always need to act on the small things "porque por cosas pequeñas se realizan grandes cosas/obras" (because small things are great things)

Two weeks ago we had a regional conference that I forgot to write about last week. part of it was transmitted from Utah, Elder Anderson spoke, Sister Esplin, Elder Soares and Elder Nash, it was really great. Elder Uceda also spoke (the general authority from Peru) and his talk was great! He spoke about the temple and that we should 1. always have a recommend. 2. have a picture of the temple in every room of the house 3. go to the temple as often as you can. and a few other things. It really inspired me, especially after Elder Anderson spoke about what Elder Uceda and his wife had to go through to get sealed! When Elder Uceda got back from his mission he started dating his wife and the nearest temple was in San Paulo Brazil, on the other end of South America. So Elder Uceda told his wife, "well, hows it sound if for now we just get married civilly and when we have the money well travel to Brazil and get sealed" his wife looked at him and said "if were not getting sealed, I'm not marrying you!" So that straightened him out a bit. They traveled for seven days across Peru, Bolivia and all of Brazil to be sealed. It took them 14 days to come back because of the floods in la selva (jungle) in Bolivia. They were the only people in their sealing, but for them it was worth it, and making a sacrifice that big should also be worth it for all of us. It was a great conference. 

Well, that's about all for this week! ¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Elder Potter

Hermana Hurd and Hermana Ricconi, Elder Alvarez and Elder Potter at a service project.  This is our district.

Elder Buckner, Hermana Hurd, Hermana Ricconi, ELder Alvarez, Elder Potter, Elder Peralta at a service project, cleaning up a bunch of trash at the top of a hill.

Elder Potter - sometimes you just can't hold in the crazies.  haha - this is why we love him!

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