Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 27: Baptisms and HE Lives

Familia mio,

I'm not gonna have much time today to email because the server was down, so this might be a pretty quick email....

This week a great and a little bit of a stressful week. Agusto was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Tuesday and it was awesome. He's really come a long ways and is only going to get better. 

We also baptized Bianca Caerampoma, one of the daughters of Rosa y Abel, because there isn't a record of her baptism or confirmation so the ordinance had to be performed again. What isn't sealed and recorded here on the earth isn't going to be sealed or recorded in the heavens. It was a weird situation but now her baptism and confirmation will be recorded in the heavens and that is what counts. 

Also, I was able to read one of President Monson's talks from the last conference this past week, if I remember right it's called "Ponder The Path Of Thy Feet", something like that. It's a great and very inspired piece of modern day scripture from our prophet. President Monson explains to us that CHRIST has walked every path of life. The path of pain, sadness, and all other feelings so that we can be happy in this life. Its my testimony that CHRIST really did overcome all the terrible things of this world so that we can become life the Father. He paid the price of sin so that we overcome it. He paid the price of temporal and spiritual sadness so that we can be happy. He paid the price of temporal and spiritual pain so that we don't need to feel it. I know that CHRIST was chosen to be our Savior and Redeemer before this life, that He came to the world to make it possible for our eternal progression, and I know that He continues to live and that we will find eternal life only through Him. I'm super excited to hear the words of modern day prophets this week and to celebrate the life of CHRIST this week too, because He lives. 

Que tengan un excelente semana!

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Potter

The last picture is of this dog at a members house that lays down like a person haha, it's pretty funny and I laugh every time I see it.

Elder Potter, Agusto, and Elder Jesus

Baptism of Bianca

Dog that lays down like a person!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 26: ¡Agusto se bautizó!

Buen Día Familia,

This week was a great week and full of miracles. This Wednesday we had a training with Elder Godoy of the 70 and presidencia of the area. He was great! He spoke about 4 traps that many missionaries fall into often that makes them become ineffective missionaries...
1. Activities vs. Results
2. Lessons vs. Learning
3. Friends vs. the chosen, prepared
4. Visiting teachers vs. Missionaries
He talked about each one of these four things, the last thing listed in each point is the best thing that we can do, but many times missionaries find themselves teaching a very kind and friendly person that listens the gospel, but that never progresses. This would be an example of teaching "friends" and not those that have been prepared to accept the gospel in its fulness. It was a great training and an eye opener to me in many things. President Erickson also spoke about the importance of obedience in the small things, the the Carpeta de Area, area book in English I think. A lot of missionaries don't actualize the area book a lot, but this is a problem because when we dont keep track of progress, there is no progress! I'm happy that my companions and I have kept a good area book. President gave an example of what happens when we stop doing these "small" things as many people put it. He talked about David, David and Goliath, and we all know what happened to David. He ended up committing two of the most serious sins, adultery and murder in a way. But how could this once incredible man and prophet fall? If we read in 1 Sam. 11:1, I believe, it says that when it was time to war he stayed in the city and not into the war with his troops, he stopped fulfilling all of his DUTIES as a king. The moment that stop doing our DUTIES, Satan can begin winding flax and chord around us and drag us speedily down to hell as Nefi in the Book of Mormon tells us. I hope that we can all fulfill our duties as children of God. 

Also, it was Agustos baptism! He was baptized on Saturday and it was an incredibly spiritual moment for me and for Agusto, I couldn't stop smiling all day! And then Sunday came. There will always be a challenge before every great spiritual moment, a trial of our faith you could say. And Sunday was the trial. We got a call from Agusto at about 10:30 in the morning right before the reunion sacramental and he informed us that he wouldn't be able to attend church and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost because he drank the night before, Saturday night. After his baptism his happiness led him to be with some friends, and these friends invited him to drink a little bit. He wasn't in a very good state to receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday, but he needs to receive it ASAP for his baptism to be complete and to overcome these difficulties. Tomorrow were going to confirm him the gift and he will be sustained sacrament meeting this coming Sunday. It pained me to the soul to hear about this from Agusto because he has changed so much, and because he feels really bad because he has a testimony and knows why this church is true and important for him. I know he is going to come off conqueror. I know that the scriptures in DyC 18:13 to 17 are true, if you can, read these scriptures. There is great joy in the salvation of souls. Grandpa Page once told me that the "salvation of souls isn't easy" and this is true, but the joy that you feel when some one is truly repenting and coming the CHRIST is incredible as you see the miracle of forgiveness in the person through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

So, a little bit more about my companion, Elder Jesus. Hes pretty cool! Hes from Huanuco, Peru... La eterna primavera, or the eternal spring. It's perfect whether all the time and it's always super green, hes shown my some pictures and its a pretty sweet place! He played at a semi professional level in fútbol for Alianza Huanuco for a few years before the mission. Only him and his 4 sisters are members of the church, his 3 brothers and parents aren't. Hes a super hard worker and were really seeing the fruits of our labors, in only 2 weeks! When he got to the mission he knew close to nothing about the church but through diligence and obedience he has become a great missionary and knows that Book of Mormon very well. We have really enjoyed the pkg. that you sent, thanks for that! And if you could, it would be awesome if you all could write him a letter, he speaks good English so you can write him in English. Hope can draw a picture or something, E' Jesus thought Hopes picture in the pkg. was pretty sweet. 

Well, that's about all for this week! Hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Con mucho amor,

Elder Potter

Oh yeah, I heard about the Davis boys team and girls at nationals, that's sweet! Hard work really pays off!

I'll send more pictures of the baptism next week, no tengo tiempo ahora.

Elder Potter and Agusto

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 25: New Companion, Ups and Downs

Familia y Amigos,

This week was really good and also a little trying. I got a great new companion, Elder Jesus, he is a recent convert of a little bit more than a year and is a really hard worker and I'm really excited for the success that we are going to see in this change. 

This week was a bit tough because we found out the the partidas, or birth certificate, wasn't found in the system for 2 couples that we were going to marry this month, one of them we were going to baptize too on the 28 of this month. But, we just gotta keep up the hard work so they can get married in Abril. I'm happy for the "fruits" that I've been able to see with these two families the Pacheco y Rivera (Paico) families. 

But I also got some really great news! This Saturday A____ is going to get baptized! We've worked really hard with him and through the Book of Mormon and a lot of prayer he has been able to change his life and come to the knowledge of what happiness really is and that it comes through obediencia a los commandments and the Book of Mormon. He's been prepared to take this first step towards his salvation and I am really happy for him and the blessings he is going to see from baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Oh yeah, the foto with a bunch of flour in my face was a from a noche de hogar, family night, that we had with a bunch of leaders from the ward the night before Elder Guerra left. We had a pile of flour with a coin on top and we had to carve away the edges of the sugar but make sure the coin was still standing, if the flour and coin collapsed we had to pick it up with our mouth...And it fell...jaja. 

Well this is about it for the week for me! Hope all of you have a great week!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Potter

Elder Potter retrieving a penny from a plate of flour!

Elder Potter and new companion Elder Jesus

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 24: New Investigators, Lima Temple and True Discipleship

Familia y Amigos!

This week was really, really good! We found 8 new investigadores that are all really good and that can progress for the last week of Elder G. mission. This week has been really productive and were really starting to see the fruits of our labors, it's been really good. Were also going to marry two couples this week and are planning on four baptisms for the end of the month! I'm really excited and happy with the work that we've put into the area here. 

This week we also went to the temple, por fin! The temple here is really sweet and in a super rich area of Lima, we had to take a convi there for about 2 and a half hours, really nice area. The temple was great and I learned a lot and remembered a lot of really important things. It was awesome. I also ran into Elder Kyle Beech who graduated from Davis High with me, he's serving in the Lima Central mission, it's a small world jaja!

Elder G. and I talked in el reunion sacramental this week too about what it means to be a true disciple of Christ and to have charity. It was really good and learned a lot as I studied what it really means to be a disciple of the Savior. It means that we will take care of His sheep and that we will abandon what ever it takes to take care of others and help them with their salvacion. It's been a great week!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Potter

Elders and ice cream

Elder Potter and Elder Beech from Kaysville

Elder Potter at Lima Temple

Elder Potter at Lima Temple

Elder Potter at the Lima Temple

Elder G. and Elder Potter at the Lima Temple.

Elder G. and Elder Potter with one of their faithful sisters.

Elder Potter with Soledad a pioneer in Peru with her daughters. A very faithful woman!

Guinea pigs friend or food? Before they went to the boiler!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 23: Dogs, Summer, and a Baptismal Date


This week has been really good. There's been some crazy dogs this week in our area, but that's just part of the mission life in Lima. Also, summer has hit in full swing, it is super humid! It'll start to cool down and go into "winter" in April so that will be pretty nice. Well I hope that all is going well with all of you. 

Yesterday was a successful day at church, we had a lot of less actives in our area come and our investigator A__ came to. He told us all week that he was going to come, so yesterday we waited and waited and waited for him to come but he never did (sacrament is last in the barrio), but about 2 minutes before the sacrament started he walked in. It was also fast Sunday yesterday and he wanted to bear his testimony and we told him that he could but the meeting ended before he could.  He's gained a strong testimonio these past few weeks and has progressed a ton. His baptismal date is 21st right now. I was touched by many of the humble testimonies of our Savior that are given by the latter day saints of Comas Lima Peru. They only continue to inspire me to be the best me I can through Christ.
Also, today is only a partial pday for me and Elder G__ por que were going to the temple on Wednesday for the rest of our pday. I'm so excited to finally go to the temple! Were going leave early in the morning so we can do more work. I brought some names here. It'll be cool to see that some of our ancestors had the work done in the Lima Peru Temple. 
Well, that's all I got for you all this week! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Potter