Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 96: ¡Fuimos al zoo!


Another week has came and gone, every week just passes by faster and faster and faster. This last week was really great! Some really cool things happened. 

To kick it all off, we went to a zoo for our p-day, which is a big deal in our mission because theres not much to do for p-day except play futbol. But we received special permission this week to go to El Parque de las Leyendas en San Miguel, its a huge zoo here in Lima and it was awesome! Ill send a few pictures for ya'll! 

Also, this week a family of 5, la familia Trejo (Jose, Nancy, Grecia, Arnold, y Friseli) was baptized in our zone! They are not from my area but I've gotten to know them because of the interview that I've done with them. I have said it before, but every time I interview someone I always feel the power of the Atonement working in the hearts and souls of the people. The Spirit is always so strong! It was a great moment for us to witness their baptisms. I don't have pictures because I forgot my camera, but it was awesome. Also, Jose, the dad has my birthday! He is only the 2nd person that I know that has my birthday. 

Well, those are some of the highlights from this week! ¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Elder Potter

La Zona Santa Isabel at TGI Fridays after the zoo
Elder Potter at the Zoo

Zone bus ride to the zoo
Elder Potter at the Zoo
Lion at the Zoo

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 95: Looking for partidas!

Muy buenos días!

This was a very eventful week for us here in Santa Isabel! We finished up the process of looking for the partidas of 2 couples in order for them to get married and baptized this week and it all turned out well! I was also able to interview many of the family members of those two families (la familia Trejo and Calderon) and theyre awesome! I love interviewing investigadores, its always a testimony to me that the Atonement has no limits; it redeems every sinner that wants to repent and follow the Savior. 

Elder Chinga, one of the assistants, came on a work visit with us this week and talked to us about a few changes that President Godrey wants to make in the mission, like only sharing the first lesson (the Restoration) in 15 minutes the first visit and a few other things. It was a good visit and we found a lot of new investigadores. It was fun to be with Elder Chinga because he is from my group, it was nice to talk about old times jaja. 

Well, that is about it for this week! I hope you all have a good one!

Elder Potter
This is a picture of Elder "Harry" Potter that a member made for me here in Santa Isabel.
I didn't know horses existed here in Lima!
For last pday we went to this big field and played a lot of futbol

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 94: La Gracia de Jesucristo

Hola todos!

This was another good week here in Santa Isabel. We were super busy with work visits and running and looking around for partidas de nacimiento (birth certificates) to marry and baptize about 5 families in our zone. Its been crazy! But with the grace of God nothing is impossible. I have been thinking a lot about that this week; just how powerful the grace of God really is. After doing all we can (after having looked for partidas for hours and making endless phone calls to different government buildings all over Peru) small miracles are happening to make it possible to marry these families so that can keep the law of chastity and be baptized. I feel like I've learned a lot this week about grace and that it will only help us and work miracles in our lives after we have literally done all we can. I am so grateful for Jesucristo and the love that He shares with each and every one of us. I really do know that He is our Savior. 

I was also able to interview one of the investigators from the Progreso area. His name is Kevin. He is only 24 but has had a pretty rough life. The Spirit was super strong in the interview as we talked about the doctrine of Christ. He has made very big changes in his life. At one time he considered himself to be atheist, but as he began to look for more meaning in his life, little by little he began to change. He now believes in God and wants to be baptized! It is amazing what a little bit of faith does when you put it to the test! 

It was also our first Consejo Misional with Presidente. Godfrey and it was a lot different than our Consejos misionales with Presidente Erickson! They are very different personality wise but I know that Presidente Godfrey is going to be great. He loves to interact with the missionaries. For example, on Thursday he called us just to pass us a reference, it was pretty cool to see him so excited about missionary work and to see that he is totally into his calling. Tomorrow our zone has interviews with him and Hermana Godfrey is going to do the room revisions. 

Well, that is about all for this week! ¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Elder Potter

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 93: Presidente Godfrey!

Hola todos!

So, this week was an interesting one! First of all, Presidente Godfrey came on Wednesday to introduce himself and his family to our zona and to San Felipe. He is a lot different than Pdte. Erickson, but were excited to have him here. It was crazy, as we was introducing us to his family I found out that I competed against his son Harrison in cross country! He ran for Ogden High, it is crazy to have someone so close to home as my mission president! He is really cool. Hermana Godfrey doesn't speak much Spanish and neither do their kids, but they are all really cool and good people. 

Also, another exciting thing...this week as a zone we had 48 people come to church! Our zone is super excited to work durazo (super hard!) to reach our goal of 30! It is the highest goal that we've ever put, but it reachable and were excited to get it! 

Two weeks ago it was our stake conference so this week I finally got to know the ward members a little better, so that was also exciting for me. There are a lot of great members, but the ward in general needs sooooooo much help! There are only about 4 elderes that actively attend church. There is looots of work to do. But that also motivated me to "ponerme la pilas" and get to work! 

Well, that is about all for this week! ¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Elder Potter
Elder Potter had an awesome work visit with "mi hijo", Elder Escobar!

What a goof!