Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 1 "Elder Harry Potter"

Buenos Dias Papa y Familia!

I'm really loving it down here, Ill send some pictures later on when I figure out how to do it. First off, I really didn't have any culture shock. At all to be honest, but a lot of people are really struggling with it. The city is absolutely incredible, I have never seen anything like it. The houses (if they qualify as houses) are literally built right on top of each other, its insane, its really cool looking though. Its especially cool at night, again, Ill send pictures later. This past week has been crazy, so much has happened and I'm picking up the language really quick, I can carry on a pretty good conversation right now (gospel or casual). My companion is also pretty cool, we get a long really well and we both work hard, I feel pretty fortunate honestly, his name is Elder Weaver. Our whole district and zone has really bonded quick too, were best friends. La hermanas aqui are really cool and just so nice. The sister training leader in our zone ran for Utah State (Hermana Simmons) and roomed with Joanna Boyd, kinda coo. Also, Austin and Braden Seegmiller's cousin is here, it was great to talk to him, it was funny cause we've only seen each other like 2 times but we both recognized each other. And Summer Harper is here, if you run into some of the xc guys let em know, they'll be jealous haha (she ran for Orem and everyone was in love with her, not really). 

Another thing, latinos here freaking love Harry Potter! I stopped counting how many times Ive been called elder harry or something after I got to infinity, its a good thing it doesn't bug me haha. 

Today is pday by the way. 

One of the funnest things Ive done so far is every Monday night our zone does family home evening for an hour and we only play signs! Oh man, so much fun! There's about 30 people in our zone and we all have crazy signs, its so fun. 

Some kinda crazy things that happened this past week.... The power went out our second night here, the food here is basically diarrhea on a plate (ok, its not that bad but its no where close to good), the teachers only speak in Spanish which is kinda nice but frustrating at first (Hermano Tapia is our districts teacher, really cool young latino), After about four weeks or so, you can only use Spanish, I'm not worried about it though. The craziest thing is that I haven't ran yet! Its driving me crazy! 

Speaking of Bob Firman,  i met an Elder who lives in EAgle where Bob Firman is, he ran his sophomore and junior year. That's  crazy that both teams won, its always good to hear. And Josh and Stokton took 4th and 5th! Holy frijoles! and Aubrey 2nd! Tell them good job for me if ya can. 

So Dad, whats going on in Syria and stuff right now? (just to get you fired up, I really do want to know though... haha)
Momma Llama, I hope you weren't a wreck, I love ya and I love it here, you're the best, just remember good ol Geds in the Family Pic!
The one and only wild Nickelope....hammish hamy ham bone ham squeak squeak ham bone squeak hamy (that means, I love ya bro ham, you're the best and I hope school and all that jazz is going good for ya, let me know about any gnarly trails you do!)
Cowberry, oh cowberry, thanks for the mater pencil! You're so sweet and I love ya sista, I hope you're doing alright!
Soda, I hope that you're happy and as bubbly as usual! your letter was very nice!
Hope! I hope you're happy and being nice! 

I love you all and I love it here, it awesome, its where I need to be, I know it is. 


Elder Potter

Hola Again,

Sorry for all the unorganized emails... I barely saw all of your emails and I have answers to a couple of them. Im glad to hear that the Porkster hasn't died of heart disease and that geds is still geds. Give him a big ol wet kiss for my will ya Momma Llama? and Cowbery, some fun words are... Orinar(urinate) unicornio(unicorn) yo tengo el bano (i need to use the bathroom) Sometimes people make the mistake of saying... yo hombre instead of you ombre, you hombre means i want a man, yo ombre means I'm hungry, kinda funny haha. Im still trying to find the word for fart though, if you find out let me know cause that would be funny. I dont know what Elder Weavers favorite color is, lo siento. 

We had two latino missionaries in our dorm and they were super chill to talk to and they helped us learn Spanish really well. They left for the field yesterday, their names were Elder Para y Elder Ramos, they were super funny and we became bueno amigos. Now there are four of us in our dorm, me, Elder Weaver, and Elders Johnson and Dority. You already know about Weaver.  Johnson ( I should be putting Elder but whatevs) is really homesick, Presidente Machaldo (our branch president) gave him a blessing and I fasted for him and that night, Sunday, we watched a devotional by Elder Bednar and it was incredible, it totally answered my fast and helped Johnson so much. Johnson played football for AF, cant stand him. Im totally kidding, he is an amazing Elder despite his struggles, I love him. His Companion, Dority, played basketball for Sky view, hes Connor Mantz neighbor. He really quiet and really nice, hes not quiet anymore actually. Weaver was home schooled but plays basketball. We all get along really well. Elder Coommer and Atwood are in our district as well but not in our dorm. Coomer reminds me so much of Jason Watson it scares the crap out of me, tell him that will ya? Were gonna play some mad games of ping pong today. Hes from Seattle and surfs, kinda awkward  at times but hes a good guy. Atwood is from Texas and he plays basketball. Hes kinda shy but is glad to be here even though he's a little homesick. 
The hermanas in our district, doce a, are really cool too. Hermana Bates and Wagstaff and so kind and loving, Im giving hermana Bates a blessing tonight, she needs help with something but I dont know what for. They're awesome. Then there's Heramna Platt y Crum. They're both very smart, not as loving as Hermana Bates y Wagstaff though. 

As for homesickness, I haven't felt it at the slightest. Everyone comes to my and Weaver for help it seems whenever someone is home sick because we love it here! This place is amazing. The light of Christ is everywhere and everyone is so so happy. Sunday was very spiritual for me, every Sunday we watch a church movie in the auditorium, we watched Jose Smith la profeta de la restoracion. I have never felt the spirit testify so strongly to me that Joseph was a prophet and that he really did see God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. He restored the church. I know it. 

Anyways, that's it I think, for now. 

Love ya all!

Elder Potter

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reports to the Mexico MTC

 Today was the day we have all been excited and anxious for.  We got up bright and early at 5:30 am to get ready to go to the airport.  We got Kimball all checked in and he was ready to go.  We talked for a few minutes and gave some hugs (without crying at Kimball's request), until Hope fell apart.  She sobbed until he was out of sight, all the way home, and for a while after we got home.  Her little heart was broken!

Nick, Hope, Elder Potter, Kate, and Sophia

Mom, Elder Potter, Dad & Hope sneaks in

Elder Potter in the security line

US Airways Flight 2901 to Phoenix and then from Phoenix onto Mexico City

Hola Familia!

     Well, first things first... I'm starving right now, but dinner is in a little bit so that's good. Anyways, the plane ride and all that stuff felt super long but it was exciting. All three of the other missionaries on my flight from SLC are in the Lima North Mission too, so that's cool. One of them is Conner Mantz neighbor! Its a pretty small world, Ive already learned that. One more thing about the airport in Mexico, they plastered the place with Ebola warnings and restricted anyone coming from Liberia and stuff like that. Kinda crazy. 
     Another thing, if you thought Barstow, California was ghetto then just come to Mexico City! It{s the craziest place Ive ever been! But I love it here, Ill send you guys some pictures for sure. The houses are all built on top of each other. It was crazy! I was just about positive the bus was going to explode! The roads here are insane but I love it, its an adventure for sure. There's not really any lane lines so people just swerve in between each other, no wrecks though. They also drive really close. The bus I was on kinda sounded like a cheese grater shredding metal or something like that. Everything is fenced and surrounded by barbed wire too... Home sweet home. haha
     The MTC isn't anything like the city though, its super nice! My companion is Elder Weaver (first name is Jordan), hes a pretty chill guy, I think Were gonna get along pretty well. Hes a little bit quiet but hes cool. Well that's about all for today right now! More details to come!

Your Missionary's mailing address is:
[Elder Potter]
[05-11-2014] [Branch 12 - District A]
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

The estimated departure date for your missionary is [Departure Date]. The use of the
above address on all correspondence will greatly facilitate delivery to your missionary
at the MTC. Please don't send packages.

Love you guys a ton and I'll get back to ya all later! (translate this email to hammish when you read it to Nick)



Oh yeah, the keyboards here are weird, that's why there's no contractions or anything... Send this out to an email list too, make a post on facebook for peoples email addresses and make a list, my facebook code is the usual. Love ya!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Farewell

Today Kimball gave his farewell talk in the Angel Park Ward.  He gave a great talk on three of Christs Parables.  It was a great topic for Kimball because he loves studying the life of Christ.  He spoke on the parable of the prodigal son, the lost silver, and the lost sheep.

After sacrament meeting, we had lunch at the house and fed an army!  It was great to feel the love and support of so many friends and family.

One Last Bear Hug

The Davis Cross Country Gang

The Ensign Family

The Page Family

Kimball and Drew

Grandpa Page has grown a foot or two...

Kimball, Kialey, and Drew