Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 79: Easter and Conferencia

Elder Potter didn't have much time to write so this is his family letter.
I don't have a ton of time to write right now, but this weeks been good. Elder Yohari is leaving tomorrow and I am going to be training a new zone leader so that will be interesting. This month we finished alright, we didn't reach our goals this month and that is always a little frustrating, but the good thing is we did our part and Abril is going to be a great month. My new compañero is Elder Iglesias.  I have heard great things about him and I'm excited to work with him. 

This Easter was a little crazy but good. We had a baptism and we rescued one less active so that was nice, it always feels good to help people out like that. Anyways, this week is going to be better. 
I'm also very excited to listen to conference this week. Listening to the prophets always helps me to think and ponder more on Christ and His Expiación. I'm very grateful for Him and I have been able to feel the power of His grace many, many times on my mission. I am very grateful for Him and what He did for me and what He continues to do for me. He lives. 

Sorry to be so vague this week, I know you don't like that, but I sent 2 pictures! Next week I'll be able to write a little bit more. 

Love ya, 
Elder Potter
Our Zone

Our baptism this month

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 78: Otro cumpleaños Peruano!

Hola todos!

This week was super awesome! We had a lot of stuff do and it is looking like our zone is going to finish up the month fairly well, but from the looks, April is going to be an awesome month for Coma! Elder Yohari and I have been working super, super hard lately to find people and get the zone excited to start finding people for April. Our last district meeting we all left excited and ready to work. I love it when everyone is excited to work for the Lord, it really invites the Spirit into the work. 
Oh yeah, I was also able to use a running analogy in our last district meeting! I talked about Roger Banister (the first man to break the 4 minute mile barrier) and how before he broke the 4 minute mile, scientists had declared the an impossible achievement. But with much diligence and dedication to his training, in 1960, he ran the mile in 3:59. Because of what he did, 18 other men that same year broke the 4 minute mile, because 1 man proved it to be possible. I applied it to missionary work and how a lot of times we find ourselves disappointed our discouraged, but when we put our heart mind to the work, nothing is impossible! If we work diligently and are always happy and always have the Spirit with us, there wont be nothing to stop us from doing great things and helping others achieve great things. I think that many times we could all be a little more like Roger Banister. 

Also, it was Elder Yohari's birthday yesterday, so I cracked an egg on his head! It is a tradition here in Peru to do that, it is one of my favorite traditions here jaja. That was one of the highlights of the week jaja. 

There were a lot of other great things that happened this week but I'll have to send another email next week for ya'll!

Have a great week! 

Elder Potter
Elder Potter cracked an egg on Elder Yohari's head for his birthday!

Cerros - hills in the area

Some new in their area

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 77: Conferencia con Elder Robbins

Buenos Días a todos!

This was the best week of this change for Elder Yohari and I so far! There were a lot of great things that happened. First, I'll start with the conference we had with Elder Robbins and Elder Uceda...

On Friday we had a combined conference with the Lima East mission to listen to Elder Robbins from the presidency of the quorum of the 70 and Elder Uceda and his wife, their in the presidency of the area. Elder Robbins was awesome! He let us ask him questions and get involved in his training like Elder Bednar did back in August and we learned a ton! He spoke about why it is so important to love your companions and how the mission is like a miniature world. Usually when a general authority comes they speak about the Doctrine of Christ or something, so it kind of threw me off guard when he began to talk about that. But it was one of the best training's that I've been in. He taught us that the mission is the best "university" to develop Christlike attributes; like patience, charity, and many more. What we learned from the training led Elder Yohari and I to have a very successful week. 

We also had an awesome miracle happen to us this week! On Saturday night at 8:00 pm our appointment failed us, as well as our plan B, and there wasn't anyone else nearby to contact or visit, so we just started walking down a street that we had never contacted before. We passed by one lady and we felt that we should go talk to her, so we did. As we started talking to her and getting to know her, she took a lot of interest in the Restoration and let us share it with her. We shared it, invited her to church, and and Sunday she came! Her name is Veronica and has 3 little kids, they are 6,4, and 2 years old. Her 6 year old is autistic. She has been really sad lately because she hasn't been able to find support for her son. The ward received her really well on Sunday and she is really excited to keep learning more. She was definitely an answer to our prayers. 

Anyways, it was a good week and I know that this week will be even better! Que tengan todos una buena semana!

Elder Potter

Here is a picture of when we made root beer floats as a zone:)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 76: Una Semana Loca!

Buenos días a todos! 

This week was incredibly crazy! We spent much of our time looking for birth certificates and documents to get people married and running around the zone to interview people and get them ready for baptism. Friday was probably the craziest day of my mission, we were calling the offices all day follow up with them to see if they had found all the documents that the people need that were trying to marry and they were calling us all day for more information. But, after it was all said and done, it all worked out. 
Also, we found out that our only family that is really progressing towards baptism belongs to another stake. They are Walter y Teresa Cerpa, and they are awesome! But they belong to another stake so we've had to pass the reference. It was frustrating to have to pass them to the other missionaries but it was the right thing to do and we had to do it to keep the church in order. But I believe that for doing it the Lord will bless us with more people to teach and serve. 
This week I also understood better what Christ meant when He told Jose Smith that His grace would be with him if he taught the gospel diligently. It was a super tiring week, but as Elder Yohari and I taught with diligence, the Lord truly did bless us with more strength that helped us overcome some obstacles. I have really been able to gain a testimony on my mission that the Lord blesses His faithful and diligent servants. 

It was a good week and this week is going to be even better! Cuídense todos!

Elder Potter

We went to Plaza Norte last week for p-day and a saw a lot of my compañeros there. Here is one with Elder Yohari, Elder Jesus, Elder Potter (me), and Elder Sandoval.