Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 92: El Comienzo de la reinada de Presidente Godfrey


Well, this week sure was interesting! I've only been out of Retablo for a week and I already miss it! I love the mission, but if there's one thing that makes me kind of sad sometimes, its the changes. I'm really going to miss Obispo Manuel Fernandez and his wife, Fanny, the Familia Benavides de Chavez and several other people. I learned a lot in that area. But the good thing is that things move on and that my new ward is great!

I'm kinda short on time right now, so I'll write a lot more next week, but this area is a gold mine and we are going to have a lot of success here. It is also the biggest zone in the mission, there are 22 missionaries here in Santa Isabel and Carabayllo so it is going to be a great opportunity to help other missionaries. 

Also, President Erickson came to our stake conference in his time in Lima on Sunday, President Godfrey will arrive here to Lima tonight!

Well, I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Potter

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 91: ¡Se selló la Hermana Josefa!


This was an incredibly great week for Elder Iglesias and I! We had several exciting things happen in our area and in our zone. First of all, one of our super awesome recent converts in Retablo, Josefa Chavez, finished up one year of being a member and was sealed to her husband on Thursday and we there to witness it. Rafael was baptized on Saturday. I attended the best Stake conference Ive ever been to on Sunday. And, last of all, I'm leaving Retablo tomorrow to be a zone leader in Santa Isabel with Elder Landero de Mexico. 

So, first of all, Elder Iglesias and I went to Hermana Josefa´s sealing on Thursday and it was a super awesome experience. It was the second sealing that Ive been to on my mission, but this one was a little different. A year or two ago Josefas husband passed away, he never knew the restored gospel, so as this past year has come and go, he was baptized and confirmed in the temple, and on thursday, the time finally came that they were able to be sealed for time and all eternity with two of their daughters that had also passed away. It was a super spiritual experience for every one there. She also asked me to be one of the witnesses of her sealing and it was another testimony to me that families really can be together forever if we make, keep, and honor our covenants. Its only through covenants that we make with our Heavenly Father that we can experience the power of the Atonement in our lives. I'm so grateful for the temple, I really do know that its la Casa del Señor. 

Another exciting thing that happened here in Retablo this past week was that Rafael Araujo Prícipe was baptized! We've worked super hard with him these last few weeks as hes prepared to be baptized. He was so ready to be baptized and I know that hes going to make an awesome convert. Hes going to be confirmed this week because on Sunday we had stake conference. We taught him yesterday about the priesthood and temple work and hes super excited to be a part of it and help his family become an eternal family. I'll send some pictures of the baptism in another email apart from this one. 

Thirdly, we had a killer stake conference on Sunday! The entire Stake Presidency was reorganized so Elder Montoya and Elder Mestre from the Quorum of the Seventy came to speak and announce the changes. Presidente Soto, the ex stake president, was easily the best stake president that I've had on my mission, he was so supportive with la obra misional. Im sure that the new one, Presidente Romaní is also going to be awesome. But for me the high light was Elder Hugo Montoya´s talk. It was out of the park! He spoke about the importance of putting God first and keeping the Sabbath day holy. He owns one the biggest tortilla factories in Mexico and he spoke about how when the company started everyone asked him if he was going to open it on Sundays, he always said no. His wife even asked him if he would open on Sundays, but he said no. He promised her that the Lord would bless them for it, and they were. It turned out that on Saturdays, everyone bought double of tortillas because they were so good and their company grew to be one of the biggest in Mexico. He used many more examples to teach everyone this principle. It was very impactful for me. 

Sorry for the long email, I know Mom loves it though. Just one more thing though... I'm getting changed! Ive worked super hard here with Elder Iglesias and were so united as a zone and in July were going to have so much success, but I know the Lord does everything for a reason. I'm going to be going to Santa Isabel with Elder Landero as a zone leader. Its the biggest zone in the mission so I'm pretty excited to see what we can do! Also, one of my best friends, Elder Dority, is going to take my spot here in Retablo, he is going to do awesome with Elder Iglesias! 

Well, that is all folks! Have a great week todos!

Elder Potter
Elder Bedoya,  Elder Buckner, Elder Potter, and Elder Iglesias

Elder Iglesias, Josefa Chavez, and I after her sealing.
Rafael's Baptism
Elder Potter and Rafael before his baptism
Rafael and Elder Potter after baptism
Elder Iglesias, Elder Potter and Hermano Yoyi . He has a company owned by the church that washes all of the missionaries clothes of 6 zones. He is a good friend of mine and is an awesome member of the church, he invited us to eat pizza with him after Rafael's baptism.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 90: "¡Estoy listo para meterme a la piscina!"

Muy buen día a todos!

This last week as awesome! A lot of exciting things happened here in Retablo. Elder Rasband came to visit our mission , la mission Lima Central and the Lima Oeste missions. He was awesome! He came with his wife and Elder Montoya and his wife (from the area presidency) also came. Elder and Hermana Montoya talked about how the importance of being good, Christlike people that influence others to be like Him. But the best part was, of course, being able to listen to Elder Rasband. I have had the opportunity to see and listen to 3 apostles and about 4 of the seventy on my mission, but this last one was the best. We had to wake up at 4:00 am to get to the chapel in Los Olivos on time so we could shake Elder Rasband's hand, there were about 650 missionaries there but shook every one of our hands. He told us that we were only "one hand shake away from President Monson", it was kind of funny. What struck me the most from his visit was that he was just so full of Christlike love. His message was very clear: that he loves us, that President Monson loves us, and that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us. The Spirit was so strong in that chapel. I feel like know I understand the scripture in Mosiah 3:13, "Dios ha enviado a sus santos profetas para declarar estas cosas a cada familia, nacion y lengua; para que asi, quienes creyesen que Cristo habria de venir, ellos mismos recibiesen la remision de sus pecados y se regocijasen con un gozo sumamente grande, aun como si él ya hubiese venido entre ellos." When we follow the prophets, we can truly feel Gods love for us. I definitely felt it and know He loves me. I learned several other things  about service and how to pay closer attention to the promptings of the Spirit that I will have to write about another time, but it was an incredible day for me and for every other missionary that was there. (Sorry for the Spanish, I don't know that scripture in English🙄)

Even though this week was awesome, there were a few crazy things that happened as well. We went to go visit Rafael A, our investigator that was going to be baptized on Saturday,on Monday and he was really doubting baptism and told us that he wasn't sure if he wanted to go through with it. He taught him very diligently about how to páy attention to his feelings and the Holy Ghost and how to invite him into his life. We went back again on Wednesday and he told us that our church was the truest church that he has been in and the church that has made him think most about Jesucristo. Then, on Friday we went back and he told us "yo sé que esta es la iglesia verdadera" or "I know this the true church" but still had a few small doubts and what not. But on Sunday after church we went to go talk to him and he told us " estoy listo para meterme a la piscina!" or "I'm ready to jump in the pool!". There is nothing better than seeing someones heart change and helping them recognize the Spirit in their lives and to desire the Spirit. Hes going to be baptized this Saturday. 

Anyways, those are the most exciting things that happened this week. I know this church is true and that President Monson and the members of the Quorum of the Twelve have been called of God to lead us in these days. 

Well, I hope ya'll have a great week!

Elder Potter 

There is a sister in our ward that cooks super, super good and prepared a huge pan of lasagna for lunch for each one the missionaries in the ward! It was awesome!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 89: ¡Ya se va Presidente Erickson!

Muy buen día a todos,

Bueno, this week Elder Iglesias and I worked super, super, super hard! We reached all of the goals that we made and we have seen a lot of miracles in our area and in the zone. Rafael Arauje is also going to be baptized this Saturday! I'm super happy for him, he has come a long ways and has become a different person. Hard work and lots of prayers and fasting really do pay off and work miracles. 

So, there were a few important things that happened last week, the first is that we had our last Consejo Misional with President Erickson and that he gave his last training on Friday. His last training made a big impact on me, he trained about how the need of the Atonement in our lives and how to apply it daily. I have learned a lot from President Erickson on my mission and am very grateful for the help and support that has given me on my mission. Hermana Erickson presented us (por internet) to Presidente Godfrey's family and it seems like he is going to be awesome as well! He was Ogden's mayor for a while and run xc, so it looks like we will be getting along just fine!

Also, the announcement mas grande for the week.....On Friday Elder Rasband is coming to visit our mission, the Lima East and Lima Central mission. In August Elder Bednar came and while I was in the CCM Elder Anderson came. I'm super excited to hear from him. Every time I listen to them speak, I receive a deeper testimony that they are called of God and speak the truth. I am so grateful that God loves us enough to send us prophets. 

Well, there are a million more things that I would like to write in here, but my time is limited. Hasta la proxima semana! Cuidense! 

Elder Potter

Elder Potter with his zone and President and Sister Erickson

Elder Potter with President and Sister Erickson - they will be going home at the end of the June.