Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Week 63: Mostly Just Photos...

Dear Family,

This past week has been super exhausting. I've been trying really hard to help out Elder Sandoval, he has really progressed a lot this week which made me really happy.  Sometimes it is hard to realize your personal progress until a lot of time has passed.

I left with Elder Buckner this morning at 6:00 to inscribe a family to get married so that is why I'm writing you so late. So it has been an exhausting day but its worth it. Vale la pena. Well, I hope you have a great week!

I am sending lots of pictures.

Elder Potter

La Zona in a service project

Thanksgiving...pollo broaster

The temple...a day with the converts doing temple work!

Gabriel and I, he couldn't go in because he didn't have the priesthood yet, but for next time he will!

Elder Buckner, Gabrial y yo en el templo

The temple de la molina, Lima, Peru.

Elder Sandoval and I enjoying our pollo broaster on his one month mark!

This is Elder Dillon, Elder Alvarez and I today, we ran into each other in Plaza Norte. Elder Dillon was one of my high school rivals in XC, he ran for Woods Cross. He has got 4 months on the mission.

The old and new district in Chili's. Hermana Hurd, Ricconi, Elder Sandoval, Alvarez, Elder Dillon, and I.

Elder Villagran and I, he was one of my best companions. He also speaks fluent English. It was fun seeing him today as well.

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