Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 55: Goodbyes and New Companion

Hola todos!

So, my new companion. His name is Elder A, he is from Colombia and like just about all Latinos has had a pretty rough life. He has had 4 different fathers. His mother has 4 children but all are from a different father. All in his family are members. His mom and his step dad are now active members. He is a very humble kid and wants to be a good missionary.  He only has 6 months in the mission and is ready to work and progress.

I'm excited to be here in Los Pinos (my new ward). I'm in Independencia, I haven't served here before, but I've served in Comas which is right next door. My area is very similar to my first area. I can see the sea from my area if I go up on a hill. It is a cool area and the members that I know are really great and have received me well. 

I'm not going to lie, I miss Los Manzanos a ton! I didn't realize how many friends and people that loved me and that I loved I was leaving behind until I had to say bye to them. It was easily the best time of my mission.  

Oh yeah, Osmar and Yessenia update....They are going to get sealed on the 18 of December!! They are the best and are very happy to be in the gospel. The gospel blesses families! 

Bueno, eso es todo por esta semana! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Potter 
Elder Villagran, Elder Potter, Maria, and Danixa
Moises and Elder Potter
Maria P., Elder Potter, and Jorge M our ward mission leader.If you put the soul of Grandma Fran in a Peruvian, you have Maria. She is awesome and has almost the same personality as Grandma Fran, she reminded me a lot of her, we ended up becoming great friends. Jorge was awesome too!
Nancy, Elder Potter, and Julio drove me down to the changes
Zafra Rodriquez Familia - Elder Potter is goofy!

The Fuentes Familia on Elder Potter's last night in San Juan de Lurigancho along with some other friends.

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