Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 53: A Baptism, A Crazy Hair Cut, and A Few Pics

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was good, Davis has pretty much disappeared, we are pretty sure that he is in Comas with the mother of his children. They separated a good time ago but have maybe gotten together again, were not really sure. But on the bright side, Amadeo was baptized this past week! His baptism was super awesome! I'll send some pics. But we also found this awesome new lady that came to church yesterday, her name is Meriela and was a referral (Referencia) from a member. She's had a tough life, she had a daughter but she passed away as a baby so we shared the Plan of Salvation with her and she asked us what she needs to do if she is going to see her daughter again so we invited her to baptism and she accepted for the end of Octubre! There really are so many people that are prepared, it is just a matter of finding them and teaching with the Spirit. 

So this morning I received some awesome "mission mom" from La Habana back in Comas sent me an email this morning to tell me that Osmar and Yessenia are still working towards the goal of being sealed this December! Osmar is currently one of the counselors in the Elders quorum and they are doing great. I've been wanting to call them lately but I barely got their number tracked down and we haven't had much credit on our phone, but today I'm gonna call them, I'm super happy for them! I'm super happy and excited to be able to go to their sealing! 

Also, something pretty cool happened yesterday... I was able to interview this lady for Sister Beatty and Bustamante and she has been praying so much to be able to know that the church is true, she explained to me that she hadn't felt that she has received an answer yet because every time that she prays, the only thing that comes to her mind are the Nephites and Lamanites. As soon as she said that, the Spirit flooded the room and I explained to her that she is one of their descendants. I read with her the first few verses in 3 Nefi 21 that talk about how the Lord was going to reveal the Book of Mormon to the gentiles and all that. She understood it perfectly and understood that she had already received an answer and needs to act on the teachings of the Book of Mormon if Gods promise is going to be completed. It was really cool. 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Potter

Taken on Elder Potters 1 year day!!!

This is a super wacky haircut Elder Villagran gave me.  The top was super crazy... he cut it for more than an hour:)

Our District -Elder Sangama, Elder Brimhall, Hmna. Bustamante, Hmna. Beatty, Elder Villagran, Elder Potter
Elder Potter, Amadeo, and Elder Villagran at the baptism
Elder Villagran and Elder Potter eating a yummy strawberry pie!
Julio, Nancy, Elder Potter and Elder Villagran

Nancy, Elder Villagran, Elder Potter, and Julio

Julio and Nancy at the Lima Temple

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