Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 52:Dios inspira a los hombres

Buenas dias!

This week was super great! I don't have much time, so I'm gonna try to write as much as I can! Elder Villagran and I have worked like horses this whole change and we have seen many miracles. So when I was with Elder Niño 3 changes ago we were teaching this lady named Luz and we ended up baptizing her daughter Julisa. Luz just never really wanted to get baptized even though we worked super hard for her and even fasted and prayed a lot for her. Well, long story short, we went to her house yesterday and told us straight up that she has taken the decision to be baptized! God has a time and place for all things to happen. I know that God answers prayers and prepares all the hearts of His children to accept the gospel. She is going to be baptized in October. 

Also this week we had two baptisms of Fabiana and Valeri Gomez, we really were hoping that their mom was also going to get baptized but it didn't happen. Again, after all we have done, we have to accept the will and time of the Lord in all things. This week Amadeo is going to be baptized as well! It's amazing how God works through His servants when their obedient and diligent. Davis has officially disappeared from off the face of the earth. We haven't been able to contact him in any way at all for almost a week and a half now, its really worrying us. 

Anyways, don't have any more time, but have a great week! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Potter
Elder Potter, ? Elder Villagran
Elder Potter and Elder Villagran in Lima
Lima Center
Sister Samudio, Sister Beatty, ?, Elder Villagran, Elder Potter, ?


Elder Villagran,  Fabiana, Valeri and Elder Potter

Book of Mormon in Quechewa, native languange of Peru.
Elder Villagran and Elder Potter
The view from the hills

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