Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 39: El Templo de Trujillo

Hola Familia!

First of all, Happy Fathers Day! Sounds like you all had a good Sunday. Yesterday was one of the more spiritual Sundays that I have had in my mission. Yesterday was the dedication of the Trujillo, Peru Temple, and it was just amazing. I felt so blessed to be with so many of the faithful saints in Peru, the Spirit that was there was incredible. It is the second temple in Peru and there have been so many people that have waited to be sealed in the temple to their families here, it's such a great blessing. It was a testimony to me that our Heavenly Father is mindful of all of His children and that we are all counted and loved be Him. I know He loves us. President Uchtdorf came with Elder Bednar and talked and dedicated the Temple. They talked in English but had translators. It was great. The Spirit was especially strong when we all sang "El EspĂ­ritu de Dios" ("The Spirit of God") at the end. The prophesy of Malaquias has come true, that "the the hearts of the children will turn to their fathers". I feel like in Utah, sadly, we take the temples for granted because there are so many with in 30 to 60 minutes of the house, but it shouldn't be that way. We are blessed to live in a time when the gospel has been restored and when we can be sealed with our families forever. 

Lately we've also been looking for new people to teach because we don't have very many progressing. President Erickson also came this week to our zone for our interviews, we have one every 3 months, and I asked him what I could be doing better and how I could find new people more effectively. To answer my question, he shared with me some scriptures. The first was Alma 31:5 that says something along the lines of "the power of the word of God had a greater affect upon the hearts of the people than the sword or anything else-and Alma thought that it be expedient that he tried the virtue of God.". As we preach the gospel, it will have a greater affect in the hearts of the people than any of their problems or worries. In Doctrine and Covenants 88:78 the Lord counseled his servants to teach with power so that His "grace", or, influence, could be with them. When we teach with the power of God, we influence people for the better and we learn as well, as it explains in Doctrine and Covenants 50:22. And to have that effect, we need to involve the members in the work. To find new people to teach that can progress, we need to involve the members. Every time I have an interview with President Erickson I find many things that I can do to improve the quality of my work. 

I know that as Elder E.  and I start working more with the members we will be able find more people to teach and the area will progress. 

Well, that's what I got for this week. Have a great week! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Potter

PS. Good luck with Girls Camp Mom, you are going to do great. 
Also, I bought some handkerchiefs for you guys with the Trujillo Temple on it for all of you guys that I'm going to send.

Trujillo Temple Handkerchief

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