Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 36: CAMBIOS! (Change)

Familia Mio,

This upcoming week is going to be super crazy! I don't have a ton of time today, but I will next week. So, this week was really great! And super crazy. Saturday night Yulisa was baptized and was confirmed on Sunday. Its always a super great experience to witness someone making covenants and promises with our Heavenly Father and watching them become clean through baptism by "water and by fire". I love my mission and truly feel blessed to be here, it's great! Also, that's sweet that a lot of the guys are waiting for calls! And Alexis, that's so awesome! 

This week something that caught my eye was something that was said in conference by Bonnie L Oscarson, she said "if it's the Lords plan, it should be our plan!". And it's true! God has created a wonderful plan for all of us and He hopes that we all choose to obey His commandments so that we can return to live with Him again. Always make the Lord's plan your plan before you make your own plans. If you choose to obey Him first before anyone else, you will be blessed. I can promise you that. 

Also, changes are tomorrow! This change with Elder NiƱo has flown by super fast! We've had a ton of success and have found a few people that were getting ready for June. I'm super excited to see what is going to come with the change. Every time we have "changes" in our lives it really actually means "progress", but only if you take advantage of it. I guess change is actually the "code word" for "progress". It is going to be interesting. There are a few missionaries in our zone that are dying this change and a lot that are going to leave because they've been her forever. I have feeling I'm probably going to train or something like that this change. Should be pretty sweet! 

Well, sorry for the super short email this week, I'll write more next week....but here are some pictures for y'all! Espero que las disfrutan! (I hope you enjoy them!)

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Potter
Elder Potter and someones puppy

Elder Potter in his soccer garb- last p-day was their mission soccer tournament

Yulisa's wedding

Yulisa's baptism

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