Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 5: Coriantumr: The Unluckiest Man in the Book of Mormon

Hola Famila y Amigos!

This week has been great! The elders in my district had a pretty good discussion who the best person to be in the Book of Mormon would be and the worst. The best, at least for me was Captain Moroni, but after a long conversation we came up with the conclusion that Coriantumr, the last of all the Jaredites, was pretty unlucky and probably pretty crazy. Think about it.... He just killed the last of his people, Shiz, and then just wandered around until the people of Lamoni found him. I would have to say that´s not a bueno situation. But that's just me. Elder Johnson said he probably had a pet rock or something.... give that some thought, its sad, but its funny thinking of someone having a pet rock. 

On a more spiritual note, I finished the Book of Mormon this past week and started Matthew, I think I´m gonna try to read all of the gospels before Christmas. And I think I came to a conclusion of what the real temptation was when the Adversary tempted Christ after His 40 day fast. If you read closely Satan says to Christ "If thou be the Son of God...". As we all know, Christ was sent to serve others, he was and is the Son of God. So when Satan asked him this, he was really asking Christ to deny who he really was. If you just go down a few more verses, Satan says something like... You can have all this IF you worship me, aka, if you deny who you really are. All of us are sons and daughters of God and every time the Adversary comes along and wants us to sin, he ultimately wants us to deny who we are and where we came from. That´s the thought that really hit me this week. 

Also, the International Manager over all the MTC´s came and spoke to us last Tuesday. Hands down the best devotional Ive ever heard. Elder Anderson was pretty cool, but I gotta give it to Elder Mills. He spoke about our purpose as missionaries, as does everyone who speaks to us, but it was cool because he showed us a bunch of pictures of people before their missions and after, and its amazing the lights in their eyes and the happiness on their face after or during their missions. It was really cool, he also told us to be grateful for the food her at the CCM because it could be a lot worse, he said we could be at the Ghana MTC. He left us to ponder what they serve there and it kinda gave me the heebee geebeez. He was cracking Ghana MTC jokes the whole time, kinda funny. Overall, it was just another testament to me of why missionary work is so important. 

Estoy es muy triste por que mi Latino compañeros es no mas. Our Latino buddies left yesterday and we got to know them really well and ended up being really good friends with them, especially me and Elder Dority. Their names are Elder Ventura y Elder Nuñez, Nunez is actually from Peru and said the Lima North is pretty poor and dirty. He also taught us a little bit about the culture and told us that the women down there love white men, especially ones with blonde and light brown hair, so that will be interesting. Anyways, they were both really cool and Ill send a picture. 

The most exciting thing on my mind right now is that I only have one more week here! Don't get me wrong, I think the CCM is great and Ive made the most of my time here I think, but, I cant wait to teach others about what Ive learned here. Ill probably be leaving next Wednesday, all of us probably will be except for Hermana Platt who is going to the Salt Lake City mission, I think shes leaving on Monday. Were getting our flight plans tomorrow. Pretty pumped. 

Grandma and Grandpa Page, Thank you a ton for the Krispy Kremes, that's the greatest sign of love and support you could have shown me! Just kidding, I loved you email and loved hearing from you. Thanks for your great examples and constant support and love for me in all I do. I'm glad I was able to visit you before I left. Love ya tons!

Mom and Dad, 
So you were wondering if the visitors center tour was in Spanish, it was in both and it was really cool. And speaking of temples, that's awesome that you got all that temple work done, that makes me happy. Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm leaving next Wednesday, but well see. Thanks for your many prayers and for the package that I'm excited to get when I get to Peru! Love ya tons!

Hamslice (Nick), 
That's too bad that you're breaks went out on your bike, you should fix them up and go on some sweet fall rides then tell me about them! That's cool that you got a new plane and the black one is still kickin´. Hopefully work is still going good for you, it might be kinda crappy but its worth it so stick to it. Its also good to know that Geddy is still as wild and ferocious as ever and that Porky got out of the Hamster ICU, poor thing. Give Geddy a treat for me. Por favor. Love ya bro. 

Please send me a picture of the creepy lady on the Potters porch for Halloween, I bet its quite the scene... haha you crack me up. I'm really bummed about the Davis Boys taking 2nd at state, did AF win? That'll make me even more bummed, I cant believe how good cavemen are at running (that was a joke, I have a lot of respect for those guys). But still. That's great that the girls won. Keep me updated! Also tell me how the corn maze goes, that's a pretty fun thing to do! Love ya Cowberry. 

Youre gonna be a hobo for Halloween!? Thatll be pretty funny! Make sure to send me pictures! One more thing... guess who? Chicken poo. Guess how? chicken cow. Thats all. Love ya sis!

A gypsy eh? Don't cast too many spells on Nick and Geddy, okay? Also, let me know how scaring your friends go and yes Halloween is pretty darn big here in Mexico. I will try my best not to break a leg, thanks for helping a brotha out haha. Love ya Hope! keep me posted!
Some wise words from Elder Coomer... I'm smellin' what you're steppin' in. He says that all the time and I just had to tell you cause I think its great.  

Hasta lluego!

Elder Potter

Here's some pictures for your enjoyment...
Kimball's District

Kimball's Latino Companions - Elder Ventura and Elder Nuñez

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