Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 2 Just Livin the Dream and Pictures

Hola Familia!

This past week has been absolutely incredible and I'm just livin' the dream, what more can I say? I guess Ill start with the more spiritual stuff. Elder Weaver and I committed our first investigator to baptism, their fake investigators, but still. They're really good actors. Both of my teachers, Hermano Tapia and Osorio, play different characters of people that we may actually end up teaching in the field. I love the language and I can understand just about everything any of the natives say, its awesome and el don de lenguas, the gift of tongues, is a real gift given to those who are need of it and who are willing to work as hard as they possibly can to obtain the language, Elder Weaver is still really struggling with the language which can be frustrating at times because I'm going to start only speaking in Spanish sometime later this week. The language is just a tool to bring the natives to Christ, the Spirit is what does the converting. The blessing I gave Hermana Bates was a manifestation and testimony to me that the Priesthood is really and that its a privilege that is given from God that needs to be accompanied by tenderness and mercy for those you are administering to. Yesterday, Hermana Platt, also in my district, needed a blessing. Very, very spiritual moment for all in the room. She was suffering from anxiety and some depression that she had been bottling up since we got here and she just melted down. She was embarrassed about it too. Not once did I ask to give a blessing, they all came to me, I dont know why they all ask me for a blessing when they need one, I'm not complaining one bit about it, in fact, I'm incredibly grateful for the experiences Ive had of using the Priesthood in that way because I'm slowly starting to see a few of my promised blessings in my patriarchal blessing become a reality and testimony that God keeps his promises to you if your keeping the promises you made to him. That was a great talk by the way..."Am I living in such a way that the promised blessings of my patriarchal blessings will come true?", its a pretty deep thought. 
Ive been deeply inspired this week also by the story of Captain Moroni, Teancum, and Pahoran (Heleman too), but mostly Moroni. It amazed me the man of power he was. He could have taken over the Lamanites and Nephites and exercised his power for evil. But he didn't. He was constantly thinking about those he was serving. I love the scripture that says if every man would be like unto Moroni, the very bounds of Hell would be shaken. Moroni was a man of God and steadfast, honest, true, chaste, and virtuous in every way. I hope to be a tenth of what he was some day, but even more, I hope and pray for a political leader that will be like him and exercise his power for good and allow people to see the light of Christ in all they do. 
As for conference talks... its kinda funny, the talks I usually fall asleep in were some of the ones I was most touched by. I loved Richard G. Scotts sincere and loving testimony about what matters most in this life, and the Prophets talk on what I thought was "our path to happiness", I loved how he said "walk as Jesus walked, not where he walked" as cool as that would be. President Uchtdorfs talk was quite awesome too about setting our priorities straight, "Lord, is it I?", that hit home. Overall, it was a great conference weekend and I definitely missed going out to dinner before the Priesthood session but that's ok because I made sure to stock up on candy before the sessions hehehe. 

So, sounds like yall had a pretty interesting walk the other day haha. Sounded like a good time though. There hasn't really been any drop dead funny moments here, just a continuation of really funny conversations and inside jokes between the guys in our district and dorm. The other night we a very deep conversation about funny movies. I thought I was going to pee my pants when we were talking about Napolean Dynamite and Waynes World. Oh man, what I would do to watch those movies, you don't want to know haha. Here are some funny quotes that haven't been erased from my mind yet hahah...
If you're gonna spew, spew into this...
Get off me ya freakin bodagat!
HA! Cha, when monkeys fly out of my butt!
Local Japanese scientists are trying to blow nessie out of the water, but the underwater alliance... and so on. 
Gavin you stupid dingle berry! Turn that nerd music off before I shut you off!
I definitely smell some sort of Pork product.  

Haha good times, anyways, while I'm on the topic of Pork, I'm sorry, Nick this part is mostly for you, to hear about Porkys heart condition, please send me a nice hammish, not Amish, picture of Porky even though an Amish picture of Porky would be great fun to see too. And I cant believe Geddy would say such a thing, I think you must have abused him so much he cant tell me and you apart. Poor thing. Give him a kiss for me will ya? And a treat por favor? and a noggin rub because he loves that stuff. I'm glad you're liking the room, I thought the stench would have knocked you out but I guess my pillows not there anymore. Also, if my dairy queen clothes are still there, please burn them and while you're at it eat an apple pie blizzard for me.
This part is for you Cowberry Kate. I haven't had the chance yet to use the mater pencil unfortunately because I usually use pens, but I'm going to don't worry! Also I love the excitement in your emails, it makes them fun to read. You're a great sista!
Soda Pop Sophia, I haven't heard much from you, but I do know my companions favorite color, its green... i think. I hope you're doing okay and being a beautiful ray of sunshine for Momma. 
Hope! I also hope you're being a beautiful ray of sunshine for Momma, I love getting your cute emails... keep em coming!

Speaking of sunshine, it has rained I think every night for about an hour. I probably should have brought an umbrella and my NXN rain wind breaker thing, could you send that please haha. I can buy an umbrella here. I'm also going to try and attach some pictures to this email.. and a virtual tour of my dorm by the one and only Elder Potter! Exciting right? 

So, packages. YOU CAN SEND THEM! PLEASE DO! Here is something you can do that I forgot to send last time. There is a web site that you should really use, its www.missionarypackagemx.com please use it. You can send Krispy Kremes and all sorts of good stuff through it. You can also send stuff from home, like my jacket! Let everyone know! Please! The food here is not to good, although we did have bacon burgers yesterday for lunch. If you are really worried about me not getting something, put a picture of Jesus on the package, the people here are really superstitious.Hmm, that just made me think of Stevie Wonder. Anyways, very superstitious, won't mess with Jesus but they will with anyone else. So, please send packages, it would be much appreciated haha. 
Another thing you can do here, you CAN exchange money. 

That's just about it. Amo,

This is where I'm supposed to be, I know it and God knows it

Elder "Harry" Potter, cause that's what all the Latinos call me;)

Elder Potter and Elder Weaver in the background

Mexico City at Night

Mexico City in the day - houses stacked on top of each other

The view at the CCM

I bet he's thinking I could run on that!

Interesting view

Elder Weaver and Elder Potter Pday Laundry
Mexico City


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