Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 4 One Month at the Good Ole CCM

Dear Familia y Amigos!

Its SO crazy to think that one month of my mission is almost up! I think I'm starting to understand what return missionaries mean by taking advantage of every moment, because it goes by so fast. This past week was pretty sweet (here and back home)! I guess Ill start off by another spiritual experience... So, it would have been last week sometime, but anyways, there's this picture of Jose Smith praying while he was in liberty jail on his knees, just crying looking up. Ill try to send the picture because its one of the few times Ive just looked at a picture and felt the Spirit so strongly. After I saw it I read Doctrina y Convenios Sección 121 where Jose is in jail and prays to God and asks him why the saints are struggling so much, why hes in jail for doing the Lords work, and why his life is what it is. The Lords response and revelation to Jose is so inspiring and I challenge all of you to read it because it is an incredible sección of scripture and is truly comforting even if you feel like you dont need comfort. I know that our Heavenly Father is always there for us, in our good times and in our tough times and will always listen to you if you need help or just want someone to talk to. He is a real being who loves us and is literally our Father in Heaven in every sense of the word.
Also, Ive been reading a lot in the scriptures lately, go figure... But its been great and I recently finished Heleman, 3 Nefi, y 4 Nefi and I just love those books! I loved reading the Sermon on the Mount in 3 Nefi, especially where it says in capitulo 12:8 where it says something like the pure in heart will see God. I thought about this for a while and I came to this conclusion.... There are a lot of Christlike people in the world, a lot of people who are pure in heart and though a lot, most, of those people wont see God in a literal sense until they pass on. But they still see God. Here's what I mean by this, I think of people like my Mom and other family members who have always been so kind to me, and always see the good in people, always see the true divinity of God in everyone, and that's what I got from that verse. As we strive to be pure in heart and learn to love everyone for who they are, a child of God, we will see how truly important everyone is and be able to see where they really came from, heaven,and be able to see all the good that we have been surrounded with despite the bad things.Those were just a couple of thoughts Ive had this past week. 

We also got new Zone Leaders on Sunday, Elder Coomer and Elder Atwood, they're gonna be awesome! 

So, Neil L. Anderson was really cool! Before the devotional we all got to shake his hand as well as Elder Richard G. Maynes and Elder Pipers (area presidency). It was a great reminder that those guys we call the quorum of the 12 are called of God and modern day prophets. Pretty cool. I had 3 thoughts that really stood out to me from his talk, here they are...
1) Nothing y no one is as or ever will be as important as our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
2) If you have never repented, you have never felt the power and reality of the Atonement. 
3) And a quote by Boyd K. Packer... "His mercy is the mighty healer, even to the wounded innocent."
Anyways, it was a really cool experience and I'm really luck to have been here when an apostle came because only one comes each year to the Mexico CCM. Its kinda cool meeting an apostle though because you expect them, at least I did, and they are, but not as much as you might think. It was a cool devotional because he was asking us questions and all that good stuff. Cool experience. 

This morning we got to go to the temple which was really cool! The Mexico City Temple is awesome, but they've been trying to fix it up for the past 4 years or so because Mexico City sinks about 4 feet each year so it really messes with the foundations of buildings here. But we got to walk around it and got a tour of the visitors center, which was really really nice and gives the Salt Lake one a run for its money, although the Christus Statue isn't quite as big, really cool though. Ill send some sweet pictures. Also, I was just as happy to leave the CCM and go out into the City as I was to see the temple. Ok, not really but it was close. Going through Mexico City is an adventure in itself! The roads are crazy, there's graffiti everywhere (literally) and its just awesome. I love it haha. I think that before you go out into the mission field they should make you survive a week in Mexico City, that would be pretty gnarly. I also got this sweet back pack at the store on the temple grounds, Ill send a picture of it. 

So, Elder Dority has a brother on a mission in Truijo Peru right now and apparently they just had elections and there's a lot of unhappy Peruvians, so they decided to have a pretty crazy mail strike, so what I'm saying is dont send mail, especially packages, to Peru for a while as crappy as that is. Also, some other Peru stuff... So the reccepcion center here lets us know our flight plans 9 days prior to our departure so Ill know what they are by next Wednesday or so, should be about 7 to 8 hours. I'm getting pretty excited because after so long, the CCM turns into an insane asylum, not really, its great but it really starts closing in on you haha... it was really sad today when I got on the bus for the temple today and realized that it was the first time in a month Id been in a vehicle... haha, boy was it nice to get out! Ive also met a couple Peruvian missionaries here and the talk so fast! Its crazy! Norte Lima, from what they've told me, is pretty dang poor, one of the more poor areas of Lima, it'll be pretty crazy there I think, but I'm so excited! We've had 3 Latino companionship's in our dorm since weve been here and they've all been really cool. I still miss the first set, Elder Para y Nefi, dont even remember his last name, I dont even know why I know his first name haha. They were really cool and we became pretty good friends. One of the most important things to do to learn the language is to speak to the natives, that's helped a ton! 

Mom, so the water here isn't bad because they buy it, and the CCM has its separate water well so I haven't had to use the mix to much, I did at first but then I was thinking, I'm pretty much gonna be drinking disease when I get to Peru so maybe I should save my mix. But I will want more because its really good. And also, I am mostly speaking Spanish now, especially in class, my tag also has a sticker on it that says "solo español", that's what you put on it if you only want to talk in Spanish. Elder Weaver is slowly getting the language down, not to say I have it down because I dont, but hes been doing a lot better this past week or so, our lessons have been getting way way better now that he can say something. I'm glad you liked Sampson's story and the she bear story, its good stuff haha. Love ya. 

Dad, I was excited when I read that Mr. (well, now President) Brown is the new stake president, he's an awesome guy. Also, please tell me whats been going on with the whole middle east right now, I'm deprived here of any outside information. Apparently someone from Sierra Leone or something flew to Dallas with ebola and infected a few people, is that true? Elder Johnson told me that, but he thinks he knows everything that's going on right now haha. Well, keep letting me know how things at home are going, love ya. 

Nickelope, I am glad and disturbed at the same time that Geddy has been keeping my shorts in good shape, please send me a picture. Actually dont, I would probably pee my pants from laughing so hard and that would be no bueno here haha. Also, please stop sending me Porky updates, I cry myself to sleep every night. And shes in the ICU now?! Poor thing. When she dies, will you send her to Peru so I can bury here there, por favor. haha. Well, I'm glad to hear that you're doing good and still tolerating Mr. Dobson, bless his soul. haha dont fall asleep to much!

Cowberry, I was gonna get ya a picture of the Mexico City temple today but I didn't know if I could send it without folding it up... Sorry, in Peru! So, Brady and Kialey are back together? Cool. And that's really cool that you passed by the Sojo half! I would probably be running it if I were home, while Dad and Nick devoured Betos haha. Well, keep sending my your phunny emails will ya? Gracias! Oh yeah, in case you were wondering... Halloween is a big big deal here in Mexico, its called el noche de brujas here, the night of the witches. and the word for to bewitch is hechazar. So there it is. 

Soda, sorry to hear your throwing up and that it looks like spaghetti... that's gross. I hope you get better soon and I love ya! and thanks for your emails! 

Hope, I hope you're happy and being nice and all, I love ya sis! and I hope Grandma Sandall gets better soon! Tell her hi for me will ya? 

Well, I think that's all!

Hasta Luego!

Elder Potter

Elder Potter and other missionaries

On the way to the Mexico Temple - 1st time off CCM grounds in 30 days

Mexico City

Mexico City Temple

Elder Potter at Mexico City Temple Visitors Center

Oh no --it's the ribbon (Kimball's tie or ribbon is something Kimball and
Nick used to fight over and hide from each other. It has been gone for years
we snuck it in Kimball's suitcase. It may reappear in pics from time to time)

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