Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 96: ¡Fuimos al zoo!


Another week has came and gone, every week just passes by faster and faster and faster. This last week was really great! Some really cool things happened. 

To kick it all off, we went to a zoo for our p-day, which is a big deal in our mission because theres not much to do for p-day except play futbol. But we received special permission this week to go to El Parque de las Leyendas en San Miguel, its a huge zoo here in Lima and it was awesome! Ill send a few pictures for ya'll! 

Also, this week a family of 5, la familia Trejo (Jose, Nancy, Grecia, Arnold, y Friseli) was baptized in our zone! They are not from my area but I've gotten to know them because of the interview that I've done with them. I have said it before, but every time I interview someone I always feel the power of the Atonement working in the hearts and souls of the people. The Spirit is always so strong! It was a great moment for us to witness their baptisms. I don't have pictures because I forgot my camera, but it was awesome. Also, Jose, the dad has my birthday! He is only the 2nd person that I know that has my birthday. 

Well, those are some of the highlights from this week! ¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Elder Potter

La Zona Santa Isabel at TGI Fridays after the zoo
Elder Potter at the Zoo

Zone bus ride to the zoo
Elder Potter at the Zoo
Lion at the Zoo

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