Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 82: A Little Sick...Next Week Will Be Better

Dear Familia,

My week was kinda rough, some of the baptismal dates in the zone fell through which was kind of frustrating and I've been a little sick this week. But I know that this week is going to be better. Tenemos que hacer todo lo que podamos con buen animo DyC 123, last 3 verses. It is going to be a good week! Time goes by way, way to fast! I can't believe Talise is home.  I'm happy to hear that her mission changed her, that is what a mission should do, mine is definitely changing me, para el bien. 

This week I'm finishing up the New Testament for the first time. I have about 6 pages left of Apocolipsis (Revelation), there are plenty of things that I still don't understand but something that has stood out to me is that it talks a lot about how Christ was preordained to be our Savior before the world was made. It is amazing to me that someone so perfect would suffer die, and go through so much pain to save the whole human race from its imperfections. I really do love our Savior and I am so grateful for what He has done for me and for everyone. If we trust in Him, everything will go much better for us. Mateo 11:27 al 30. 

There were actually several big earthquakes this past weekend in Japan and Mexico. Luckily Quito is far away from where the epicenter of the earthquake was. My companions family is okay and nothing happened to them, but 7.8 is an enormous terremoto! 


Elder Potter

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