Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 81: Elecciones!

Muy buenos días a todos!

So this week was a little different for the mission because Peru had its presidential elections on Sunday and there is a law here that prohibits all religious groups from congregating the day of the elections until 4:00 PM so we didn't have reunions yesterday. But at night we planned an awesome zone activity that for our investigators of the whole zone. We saw "Meet the Mormons" and the Spirit was really felt there and we all left more determined to "seguir adelante" or endure to the end. 

I've thought a lot about my mission this week and what I've done with my time here in Lima and I honestly feel very happy and blessed to be here. I have grown to love the people, their crazy traditions, and sometimes I feel more Peruvian than Utahn (don't worry, I still love Utah). But I have felt very blessed to know these people and help them live the restored gospel. This week Katia and Elizabet are going to pass through their final interviews and be baptized this week. We looked for Jose Delcarpio all week long but couldn't find him until yesterday night, the military is making him take a lot of exams, I just hope hes going to stay in Lima for a little longer. 

Anyways, that all I got time for this week! Que les vaya muy bien a todos!

Elder Potter 

Elder Potter, Elder Yohari, Bishop Fernandez and his wife

Elder Iglesias (new companion) and Elder Potter

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