Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 47: Joy of the gospel and birthday surprises

Buenos dias,
Well, this week was quite the week. We had many of our friends in the chapel yesterday to partake of the sacrament. Elder E and I were very happy yesterday about the success that we had, well, the success the Lord has had through two of His servants. There are 25 recent converts of one year in our ward and it has been hard to juggle them all and help them all progress, especially because many of them were inactive before Elder E and I came. Only about 30% of them have been attending, but yesterday we had 50% of them come! We have been working very hard with them and we have finally been able to see the hand of God in their lives! We also had more than 12 less actives come yesterday that we have been working with! It was so great to see them all there renewing their covenants. It made me very happy. 

Many times we forget about the blessings and purification that only come through sincere repentance. I will be honest, before the mission I didn't understand repentance and the true importance of the Atonement. Of course I knew of what it consisted, but I didn't truly understand it. I didn't truly understand the Godly joy that one feels when they truly repent of their sins. Before the mission I didn't understand very well how the mercy and justice of God worked. I still have much to learn, but I now know that we receive forgiveness through the mercy provided by Christs Atonement and repentance. I am so, so grateful for the chance that our Heavenly Father has blessed us with every day to repent, to me that is one of the biggest signs of His love for us. I know that our Savior lives.

Changes are always good to progress, and I think I might have a change next week, but I am really going to miss Juan Javier, his birthday was yesterday so Nancy and Julio planned a "surprise" birthday party for us.  Fue lo máximo! It's been a blessing in my life to share the gospel with my best friends, they truly bring joy to my life. The promise in DyC 18 10 to18 (something like that) is true, I can bear testimony of that.

Well, I hope that you have a great week! I hope that you feel the Spirit in abundance and I hope that you can go to the temple and recieve blessings there. Love ya lots, for my birthday present go to the temple!


Elder Potter

Elder E and Elder Potter

Elder Potter and Brother Fuentes

Julio, Elder E, Juan, Elder Potter, Sisters, and Nancy at the surprise birthday party for Elder Potter and Juan

Birthday Party preparations

Fun hats and ties for the party

Juan eating his cake with Elder Potter watches

Elder Potter enjoying his birthday cake
The Elders, The Sisters and Nancy

Elder E, Elder Potter, Juan, and Julio

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