Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 29: Una semana mas en La Habana

¡Hola Todos!

Well, this week has been another great one here in La Habana, but I'm almost 99% positive that I'm going to have a transfer this upcoming Monday because Ive got 6 months here in La Habana. This area definitely has its challenges but its been a great blessing to be able to see the progress and all of the people that are ready for baptism now. I'll be a little sad to leave the area because there are some awesome, awesome families, members, and investigators here; but I'm also excited for the opportunity that I'm going to have to work with new people and with a new ward and be able to progress more as a servant of the Lord. 

This week we had 4 of our investigators come to church this week which was awesome! 2 of them have a baptismal date ready too! Elizabeth Salazar has a date for the 25 and Fernando Jordan has a date for the 2 of Mayo. We've been working a lot with Elizabeth lately and been resolving some of her doubts that shes had for baptism. She has come to church 3 times now and will be ready for the 25. Fernando is 17 years old and he is great. He really keeps his compromisos (assignments or something like that in English) and has the desires to progress and be baptized. It was his first time at church and he was participating in the lessons and all that good stuff. His 2 sisters, Fieorela and Fabiola, and his mom, Suli, are the same too. I've never had investigators that are really actually worried for the salvation and have the desires to find the truth in its fulness. It has been awesome to see their progress. 

We also had Presidente Erickson and Hermana Erickson in sacrament meeting this week which was really cool too. They haven't come to visit La Habana in more than a year, so it was a cool experience to be able to have them here. Presidente Erickson bore his testimony at the end of the meeting about the Book of Mormon and the Spirit was really there testifying to all who were present that it is true and the a man really will get closer to God by reading the Book of Mormon. It is a great blessing to have the Book of Mormon in so many different languages so all can participate in the blessings that come from reading it. I was able to finish it in Spanish for the first time this past week and I know that it is true. It is inspired by God for the benefit of His children, and as members of the church we have a responsibility to share the message of the restoration with all people, so this week really make an effort to share a part of the gospel with someone. A friend, less active, family member, it doesn't matter! It only matters that you do it and help others come unto CHRIST. If you do you will be blessed immediately.

Well, that's about all for this week!¡Que pasa un excelente semana!

Elder Potter

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