Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 28: ¡Conferencia General!

Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week has been really great! It's been filled with a lot of spiritual experiences and some good times on the mission. Right now we have one investigator with a set date for baptism, Elizabeth Salazar, for the 25 of this month, but we are going to try and move it down for the 18th depending on if she continues to progress. Shes 33 years old but has never married and doesn't have any kids. She was a reference from her sister Vanessa that was baptized about 3 years ago but became inactive really soon after her baptism. We've been teaching her a lot and she's made a lot of progress. She even watched both conferences on Saturday!  It was great. 

Also these past few weeks we've been focusing on this great family, la familia Jordan. They understand the gospel how it is and accept it so well. They haven't been able to come to church yet but have been reading the Book of Mormon and have been praying everyday. The mom, Suli, told us that she has always been in search for the right church and that when we visit her and her family she feels peace and comfort in what we share. We then explained to her that it's the Holy Ghost that is telling her that this is right, that the real happiness comes through this message. It's a miracle when investigators begin to recognize the Holy Ghost in their lives because if they can recognize it before baptism, they will do all they can to have him as their constant companion. We finally got to teach her husband, Jorge, this week too. He works a lot but about 18 years ago for 3 years attended our church but then left it never being baptized. But he's very interested now and it is a great opportunity. Their 3 teenage kids are also progressing and recognizing the Spirit and the light of Christ in their lives. Fernando,17, Fierela,15, and Fabiola,13, are all progressing too. The only problem though is that Suli and Jorge arent married, but well fix that. I' m really excited for the progress they're making!

Were also still working on getting los partids, basically birth certificates, for Idaura and Maximo so they can get married and baptized. They were also able to watch a little bit of conference! 

Bueno, esta semana ha sido lo máximo y estoy muy animado por las cosas que van a pasar aquí en La Habana, en la viña del Señor.

Que tenga un excelente día!

Elder Potter

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