Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 20: Buen Dia Todos

Buen Dia Todos! (Good Day All)

This week was a great week and we had a lot of success! We've been working a lot with the ward and we've been getting a lot of references from many of the members which is good and bad. They usually give us people to teach that have studied a religion and know a lot about the bible. It's good sometimes because they have a religious background and want to learn more or they just have concrete beliefs and only want to fight with you, which is awful! That was the case last night, this older lady in the ward, Hermana P__, gave this reference for this lady, L___, so we went to teach her but her brother who had studied a lot of the bible was also there and only wanted to fight. It reminded me of when Alma and Amulek contended with Zeezrom, who wanted a sign that God exists. It was a really similar situation. Despite all he said to us, I found that the only thing you can say to them is a strong, pure, and simple testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how you came to know of its truthfulness. 

Anyways, that was really the only lesson like that this week which I'm happy about. We are going to visit Hermana L___ on Wednesday. I think that she wants to hear the gospel but the first visit wasn't to good of a setting for that. I'm excited to go back and teach her. But yeah, we had a lot of success this week. This last 3 weeks or so we've been helping a less active lady, S____, with her mom that has Parkinson's disease in a really advanced state and is close to dying, she is also very old. The reason S____ doesn't come to church is because she doesn't want to stop caring for her mother. So, Elder G. and I have been stopping by several days a week to help care for her mother and to visit and share gospel messages with S____. And this past week, S____ came to church! It's definitely helped me develop a testimony that service and charity are central parts to the gospel and helping others want to come back on the strait and narrow path. 

Well, that's about all I got time for today! Wish you all the best for this week!


Elder Potter

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