Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 100: Una vez mas a San Juan de Lurigancho!

Muy buenos días!

This was another great week for Elder de la Flor and I here in Santa Isabel! We kicked it off by going to San Juan de Lurigancho on Monday. We got permission from the assistants to go to get some suits down and it brought back A LOT of memories. We had to pass by one of my favorite areas, Los Manzanos to get there and it made me remember a lot of people, converts, and friends that I had left behind in that area. I came to become friends with so many great people there that put their trust in the Lord and in His Atonement to be able to change their lives. I'm grateful for missionary work and the Atonement, it really does change peoples lives for the better. 

I have also got an update on Christian and Melisa for this week. Last Friday Melisa went through a surgery that left her on bed rest and she can't really move at all, so we couldn't get them written into the wedding for this month. They're going to be getting married and baptized at the end of September. Even though I won't be here for those two big events, I have seen great changes in them and in their family. They read the Book of Mormon every day and have gained a testimony of it. Just as I know the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, they also know it. They have came so much closer to God by reading the Book of Mormon, it is the secret to happiness. 

This week we worked really hard and were able to find a few new families to teach. They weren't able to come to church but I know that if we can teach them again this week and get them to read the Book of Mormon they will come. 

Anyway, the work is going good down here in Lima! ¡Que tengan una buena semana! 

Elder Potter
Happy 20th Birthday Elder Potter

Birthday celebration the Peruvian way

Happy birthday Elder Potter with companion and sweet Peruvian sister
Elder Potter's almost birthday lunch

La Hermana Jacky prepared takacho con cecina with arroz chaufa for us! It is a food from la selva (jungle). Takacho is salted fried and dried green bananas, it is pretty much the best thing some one can eat.
The tunnel to San Juan de Lurigancho. Add caption

The other food picture is un juane. Its a special rice that they prepare with a boiled egg and chicken or turkey in the selva that they cook inside of a special leaf tha its only found in the selva. Also super good.

Elder Potter and Elder de la Flor in their area

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