Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 42: Contactos Inspirados!

Buenas Días Familia y Amigos!

This week was a great week! Elder E and I are being really diligent and working hard here in Los Manzanos. It's been kind rough this past week or so because we just haven't been able to find people that are progressing, but I know that if we keep being diligent we will be incredibly blessed. Sometimes we are called to "sow" the seed of faith in the people and other times we are called to "cosechar" (pick up in English I think). Right now were "sowing" a lot in our area and I know it's going to bless the lives of many people in the future. 

Even though we don't have a whole lot of people that are progressing right now, we have had a lot of success in our ward. Within one year, our ward has 28 recent converts and when I got there weren't too many that were coming regularly, very few actually, but yesterday 15 came! And the majority of them were ones that haven't came to church in months! We would have had a few more but a few of them are on vacations right now. It is my goal to get all 28 there, it will be awesome! 

Also, Elder E's first week here we felt that we should knock on this door as we passed by it, so we did, and this guy named Julio answered and before we could even say anything he asked us if we were missionaries, so we said yes and presented ourselves. Then before we could talk more, he invited us to come in and share our message with him. He was very interested as well as his daughter, Nancy, so we began to teach them. Julio works a lot and so Nancy is there by herself most of the time so Elder E and I passed the reference the Hermanas so she could be visited more often. We lost contact with her for a little while, but three weeks ago she started to come to church, and she has come every week and is already in Jacob in the Book of Mormon and is now going to get baptized this Saturday! It was a super inspired contact! I have a testimony that when we are diligent and ask God to guide us to those that need help that He will do it. Its been a blessing to see the "fruits" or results of that contact. There really are so many people that are prepared to receive the restored gospel, we just need to follow the guidance of the Holy Ghost and follow it. 

Anyways, this past week was really great and Elder E and I are excited to work this week and keep seeing the blessings of the obra misional. 

¡Que tengan un buen semana todos!

Elder Potter

The picture with the ladder is of Elder B. and Elder E. We were building a roof on that super weak ladder jaja. 

I hope you all like the pictures. The streets in Lima aren't usually that clear as they are in the picture. They are usually super busy. 

Elder E and Elder B building a roof using a rickety old ladder


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