Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 34: La Creacion y El Plan

Buenas Días Familia!

This week has been really good and filled with success and many blessings. This week Juan J, Wendy L, and Moises P were all baptized and confirmed on Sunday. It's been so great to work with them and help them and to see the changes that they have made in their lives to be baptized and enter in through strait gate of eternal life. They're all great new converts and are all super excited to progress and to recieve the priesthood, well, Juan and Moises. 

This week I've learned a few important things about the Plan of Salvation and the creation. As we learn about the plan that God has created for His children, we learn that we have the potential to become like Him, glorified and perfected. When Chirst came to the earth He also taught and explained that we, as His children, have this potential. In John 11, Jesus explains this "know ye not that you are Gods" (I have no idea what it is in English, something like that). This week I've been able to study this a bit and apply it in my teachings. But before you can apply it to someone else, you need to apply it to yourself. First, you need to understand that God, or Heavenly Father, had and has a body of flesh and bones, glorified and perfected and immortal. He had this body in the pre-earth life as well, but we did not because we are He created us spiritually first. Knowing that we could not become like Him without a glorified and perfected body, He created a plan, the Plan of Salvation. With this plan in mind, He counseled with the most valiant of His spirit children of how He could carry out this plan of salvation and eternal life and happiness for His Children (Abraham 3:22 to26). In this counsel, He chose a Savior that would save us from our sins and defects so that we would be able to overcome sin and temporal things so we would be able to return to His prescence. 

After Christ was chosen to be the Savior, Heavenly Father carried out His glorious plan of redemption. He created all things spiritually first, and then created them phisically. And now, we have our physical bodies here in the earth. If we learn to control our bodies and minds here in the earth, when we are resurrected we will also be able to master and control a body glorified and perfected. We will be able to become like our Heavenly Father and live with our heavenly family. I hope that we can all learn to master ourselves here in this life. I hope that we can learn how to overcome all evil and only do the good. We need to follow the counsel in Mosiah 4:30 and Alma 38:12, that counsels us to master our thoughts and actions in this life so we don't perish in the next. When we learn how to master ourselves and control ourselves, we will be recieved by our loving Heavenly Father. This is my goal. To become like Him and to help all people realize the potential they have as His children so that they know they can live with Him forever. 

I learned a bunch more about Him and His plan too this week, but if I wrote it all, I would probably be here all day haha. 

We've been working with an inactive sister these past 2 weeks too, her name is K. She hasn't been to church in about 6 or 7years, but came for the first time yesterday in all these years! As we've been teaching her we found out that the reason she went inactive was because she has been scared to go through all the parts of the repentence process. This week when Elder N. and I were planning we felt the strong impression that we should call her and tell her to read Alma 39 that explains in detail the repentence process. When we called her, it turned out that she had already been reading the chapter! She had been praying too, for comfort and courage to keep moving forward, and afterwards opened up her Book of Mormon to Chapter 39 of Alma. It was a really cool moment to see how our Heavenly Fathers answers the prayers of His children in times of trial. She is really making a lot of progress and has found great comfort in prayer and the Book of Mormon. The power of sincere Prayer and the Book of Mormon is incredible to me. I'm so grateful we have these 2 tools in our lives to help us. I know the Book of Mormon is true and the we can and need to communicate with our Heavenly Father through sincere prayer. 

Well, that's about all I got for right now for the week. But I hope you all have a great week and learn something from prayer and the Book of Mormon too! 

¡Que tenan un excellente semana!

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Potter
Yep, still the same goofy boy!

Elder Potter, Moises, Wendy, Juan, Elder N.

Elder Potter, Juan, Wendy, Moises, Elder N.

This is at our pensinistas house.

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